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Littman Bros |  July 7, 2015

A Rustic, Countryside Dream

When I was a little girl I used to love my grandmother’s house.  She lived in the countryside, right next to a small farm that raised 2 cows and a few pigs.  We used to walk along the country lanes, smelling buttercups and looking for rabbits.  Her house captured the essence of the country side, bright and open yet calm.  Her home always felt inviting, windows always open to allow the country air through her linen curtains.  My grandmother loved harnessing the elements in her interior design.  Lamps were few as she favored natural light, wooden furniture and earth colors were placed throughout her house and a few floral pieces were scatted throughout each room.  My grandmother found her inspiration from her surroundings, the barn next door, the numerous wooden fences and the open fields of grass for roaming.  Rustic countryside interior design focus’ on elements of wood, water, fire, wind and steel to convey a natural yet modern impression.

A rustic appeal is created through a mix of natural, traditional and modern elements.  This extreme collaboration allows for a lot of personal style to shine through.  Light fixtures can be cast iron, steel or antlers, it all works!  Traditional or Victorian style chandeliers are also common in rustic interior design.  Throw sharp modern lines against the contours of traditional furniture, situate shiny porcelain next to stressed wood, the options are near limitless.  Try to find a balance between traditional and modern elements, with a natural background.  Wooden support beams are very trendy in rustic inspired rooms, punching the barn look into the design.  Try situating a sharp bathtub next to a traditional style sink or modern chairs next to an aged dining room table.  Install barn style doors in front of your kitchen or living room to amplify the barn feel.  Opt for curtains instead of blinds to give the room a classic appearance.  One important factor in achieving a rustic look is to utilize natural colors in the design.  Look for inspiration in the shades of wood, the grays and silvers of steel, iron and stone, the whites and blues of the sky and the greens of the fields coating the countryside.


Rustic interior is about amplifying the simplicity of the past with modern elements.  Imperfections are your best friend when designing a rustic, countryside dream.  Stressed or reclaimed wood kicks up the barn look.  Scratched, cracked, rusted and even “dirty” looking steel add to the desired appearance.  Imperfections amplify the time-honored fashion, creating a sense of aged and even historic material.  Rustic interior brings your favorite aspects of the countryside inside, so feel free to throw exterior elements into your interior.  Use stone or reclaimed wood to cover your walls or floors.  Be sure to utilize your natural light to expand your rural motif.  Mirrors are an interior designer’s greatest asset; situate a mirror with a cast iron or heavy wooden frame.  Old milk crates are a fun tool with rustic design. Old fashioned milk crates are usually made of wood or steel, and can withstand great weights.  Stack a few to create a shelf or place a crate near a side table for an adorable storage bin.  Arrange a few crates side by side, constructing an attractive bench, or place a cushion on top for a small ottoman.  Situate two on top of each other to give yourself an endearing end table, or screw a few onto your wall for rural looking storage.

A rustic approach is a great way to utilize your creativity.  The natural look is transformed into a luxurious interior through mixing traditional and modern elements.  The rural design invites you to dig through your heirlooms, hunt down flea markets and scavenge through barns.  The countryside dream allows you to reclaim wooden pieces, add abandoned materials and revive discarded items to add luxury and awe to your interior.  Inspiration comes from the quite calm of the country side, where the sounds of the wind is only interrupted by the hum or a tractor in the distance or cows roaming the fields.  Capture that essence of the farm in your modern home today!