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Littman Bros |  July 11, 2018

5 Common Home Lighting Mistakes You’re Making

Homeowners typically don’t know how to find the perfect lighting solutions for their homes, unless by chance they’re lighting experts. An adequate lighting plan is essential to making your home feel homey and functional, but oftentimes, bad lighting plans go unnoticed. We suggest taking the time to invest in your home’s lighting structure, whether that entails you simply installing more lights for walls in your home or adding an elegant chandelier to your home’s dining room.

At Littman Bros Lighting in Schaumburg, Illinois, we carry a large selection of interior wall lights, exterior home lighting, ceiling lights and more so you can find the perfect lighting solutions for your home. Our experts have been helping customers find lighting fixtures that fit their styles and personal budgets for decades, as we’ve been in business since 1979 and have been striving to help the greater Chicago community with their lighting needs since then. Contact us today.

Finding lighting solutions for the bad lighting plans in your home can make a world of difference, and in this blog post, we’ll go over five common home lighting mistakes you’re making and how you can fix them.

1. The lighting in your bathroom is too dark.

When the lighting in your bathroom is too dark, it can be unglamourous putting on your makeup in the morning or perhaps even dangerous when shaving your face. Your problem might be that you are solely relying on one lighting source, whether that’s your vanity lights or your ceiling lights or interior wall lights.

The fix: Use multiple light sources in specific areas of the bathroom to optimize the space. When you add lights for walls or recessed lights on top of your vanity and ceiling lights, you’ll notice a life-changing difference when it comes to your bathroom.

2. You’re unable to properly see in your kitchen.

Do you often find yourself prepping your meals and are in the middle of cutting your food to realize you can barely see where you’re cutting? This problem occurs more than you might think to homeowners everywhere, and it is ultimately a result of too little task lighting in your kitchen.

The fix: When you don’t have adequate task lighting in your kitchen, it’s easy to form shadows from interior wall lights or your ceiling lights. The best solution for this is modern-day technology of under-cabinet lighting, which is installed underneath your kitchen cabinets to provide optimal light above your kitchen counter space.

3. Your lighting fixtures aren’t ideally sized for the room you’re in.

If you’re in a room in your home that feels confusingly large or small, your lighting fixture in the room just might be the culprit. Sometimes, if you don’t measure a room before you purchase a light fixture, you’ll realize it isn’t ideally sized for the room you placed it in.

Large lighting fixtures can make a room feel smaller than it actually is, and vice versa. This problem also inevitably leads to inadequate lighting in the room as well.

The fix: Scale your rooms before you choose and install any lighting fixtures. Sure, you want the lighting fixture to fit the style and overall décor of the room, but take a tape measure to your room’s walls before investing in any lighting solutions. If you’re unsure what exactly the best size of lighting fixture is for those room measurements, contact our team of lighting experts for additional help.

4. Certain rooms in your home are actually too bright.

If your living room doesn’t feel so cozy and feels more like being front-and-center of Broadway’s next production, your home’s room might have too much recessed lighting in it. Essentially what this means is that the homeowner before you or your contractor got a little ambitious with their lighting installations.

The fix: Collaborate with one of our lighting specialists to create a functional lighting plan to fix the problem at hand. We can help you determine where you’ll need lighting and just how many lighting fixtures you’ll need to properly adjust the lighting in the room to your preference.

You can also install dimmers or other lighting controls that will let you tackle the problem head-on and give you unlimited control of the lighting in your room.

5. The lighting seems uneven or off.

If the lighting in your room feels straight-up uncomfortable, you might have off-layered lighting in that room. That essentially means you don’t have multiple light sources that can be adjusted to whatever lighting solution you might need at the moment. Your room might only have ceiling lights, making it feel exceptionally bright, or your room might only have lamps, making it seem too dark.

The fix: Keep three types of lighting in mind when fixing this problem: task lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting. Task lighting helps with actions you’ll perform in the room, accent lighting is used to highlight certain areas of the room and ambient lighting is the overall general lighting for the room.

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