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Littman Bros |  December 1, 2017

10 Contemporary Bedside Lamps You’ll Love in Your Room

Contemporary style is perfectly suited for the bedroom. It’s softer than the hard lines and minimalism of modern design, but still maintains a serene style that can transform a plain room into a peaceful oasis. Contemporary style is classified by lots of soft angles and natural materials, and inspiration can come from a range of design aesthetics from the 1950’s to today. If you are looking for a style for your bedroom that looks sophisticated, clean, and peaceful, then going contemporary with your furnishings could be the perfect answer.

Littman Bros Lighting loves contemporary lighting and we offer dozens of beautiful bedside lamps that can be the focus of your design or the peace that ties it all together. Here are ten of our favorite contemporary lamps available online. Want to see even more styles? Head over to our online store or stop in to visit our Chicago showroom to see some of our selection in person.

10 Contemporary Lamps Perfect for Your Bedroom

Currey & Co 6000-0195 Circlet Contemporary Gold Leaf Bookcase Lamp

This contemporary lamp is ideal as a bookcase lamp, but that’s not the only thing this gorgeous piece can do. It can also become an interesting and unusual bedside lamp as well. The front angled lamp can cast light out away from your bedside table, which can give you more light for reading or other tasks while in bed. The golden circlets create bedside artwork that can elevate the decor in your room.

Quoizel Lighting LND6326MC Landings Mottled Cocoa Table Lamp

Metal caging is absolutely on fire right now in home decor, making this beside lamp a must-have piece. We especially like this one for the bedroom, because while it does feature metal caging it doesn’t have the harshness of an exposed bulb. The light is softened by a tan linen-like fabric shade, giving the light in the room a softer, warmer glow that’s especially well-suited for the bedroom. The overall effect of the lamp is one of sophistication.

Hubbardton Forge 272930-1009 Flux Table Lamp

The Flux Table Lamp is a gorgeous piece finished in vintage platinum that has an element of surprise to it. About halfway down the base, the metal ribbons burst to life and twist around until they settle back in again down at the base of the lamp. The final effect is one of elegance and movement. The platinum coloring of the lamp is ideal for a variety of color schemes in the bedroom, too.

Hubbardton Forge 277820-1000 Cityscape Table Lamp

If you want a bedside lamp that could also be a discussion piece, the Cityscape Table Lamp is the one that you need. The various levels, sizes, and shapes of the design will whisk your imagination away to a bustling city. The two incandescent pieces provide ample lighting to your bedroom and bring the vintage platinum finish to life. This is a lamp that looks as good on as it does off.

Hubbardton Forge 277670-1015 Cavaletti Table Lamp

Another terrific Hubbardton lamp, the Cavaletti has an elongated style that looks great in your bedroom. It’s visually very interesting, with crossing burnished steel elements set at varying lengths and heights. This lamp looks best when set on a bedside table that’s as wide or wider than the shade. We love how this lamp gives off a peaceful aura, perfect for the bedroom.

Dimond Lighting D1480 Armagh Clear Crystal and Chrome Table Lamp

If you want a bedside lamp that has a touch of glam to it, this is the one that you want! The crystal and chrome elements compliment each other while the offset pieces create a lamp that’s simply fun to look at, especially when it’s turned on and the crystal and chrome are catching the bulb’s reflecting in interesting ways. The cascading pieces give the lamp an elegant sway while the white shade gently softens the lighting.

Dimond Lighting D1479 Trump Home Empire Chrome Table Lamp

This lamp is simplicity at its finest. The two angled chrome legs of the lamp give it a sense of strength and balance. One of the things that we love the most about this lamp is the metallic finish on the inside of the shade. It enhances the bulb’s reflection to offer more lighting, but it’s also an unexpected detail that makes this lamp something special.

Hudson Valley Lighting L912-PN Gatsby Polished Nickel LED Desk Lamp

This lamp is a contemporary piece with a vintage throwback style, making Gatsby the perfect name for it. The chrome finished base is complemented by three circular discs on top which work together to create the shade piece of the lamp. It’s an unusual design that’s at once intriguing and charming. This is an LED lamp, so it’s very cost efficient to use and won’t give off any additional heat in the bedroom.

Currey & Co 6000-0016 Trendsetter Chrome Table Lamp

We love this Trendsetter bedside lamp because of the bold design that’s not obtrusive in the bedroom. The sunburst in the middle of the base evokes memories of Sputnik and the 1960’s without the campy style. The chrome finish looks terrific under the lights, too. Make a set of these beautiful lamps the focal point of your bedroom decor.

Currey & Co 6000-0131 Vertex Black Table Lamp

This Vertex lamp is a perfect example of how pieces can be basic without being boring. The gentle curving lines of the black base highlight the angles of the lampshade, working together to make a lamp that’s at once classic and contemporary. It’s hard to go wrong with a lamp like this one; it’s well-made, gorgeous, and will look terrific in virtually any decor style you choose.

Find a Lamp You Love? We Have Plenty More to Choose From

The perfect lamp for your bedside table might be listed above! But if you are still searching for a contemporary bedside lamp that’s just right, we have dozens of other styles in stock on our website and ready to ship to you right away. Littman Bros Lighting is committed to bringing you the very best lighting options for every room in your home, no matter what style, size, features, or budget. Browse through our selection online or visit our Chicago showroom to many of our available styles in person. Our team will help you find a lamp that you can’t wait to take home today! If you have questions about any of the lamps we’ve showcased here or something else that you’ve seen on our website, please get in touch with us by giving us a call at 847-895-5115 or using the live chat feature on our website.