Monday, November 25th, 2013

by Littman Bros Lighting


Eurofase is certainly one of the leading manufacturer’s in LED lighting applications as they have made sure to offer their customers a widespread collection of LED products that are efficient and of course fashion-forward design’s in lighting; they combine trendsetting designs with LED capabilities.

Eurofase LED lighting is featured in a variety of their newer decorative collections, such as Aria and Micro, as well as recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, like their line of Axiom LED outdoor uplights, and under cabinet lighting; the best part about these products from Eurofase is that they are functional while still having a very contemporary and fashionable design.


Eurofase makes sure to have the most talented designers on their team who do the most thorough research on LED innovations and technology.

According to, designers at Eurofase have the most complex yet gratifying jobs. Eurofase has said, “Not only does it take a lot of creativity and meticulous detailing, but also a lot of research.”

A lot of research on not only LED technology but market trends as well, in order to stay ahead of the curve of this ever-changing market.

Eurofase has recently introduced a new Fundamental Architectural catalog that includes an extensive line of LED concepts and designs in a variety of unique and fashionable styles. Eurofase is making sure to continue their presence in the LED market with novel ideas an even more innovative designs for the future, providing the industry with products that are truly a synthesis of technology and purpose, which of course staying trendy.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

We have made sure to keep up to date with adding new products to and we couldn’t disappoint this month. We have added some very functional and stylish new products from AFX Lighting including the simplistic yet refined Enzo collection, the chic line of Dayton pendants and the Hilcrest collection.

AFX Enzo Mini Pendant

ENZO – The Enzo collection features a colorful assortment of mini pendants; each mini pendant has a specific color of nested frosted glass in a tinted elliptical glass that is suspended by an eight foot adjustable cord. The variation of colors and simple silhouettes allow for a very contemporary vibe in lighting. These mini pendants will work wonderfully over any kitchen island or bar top to add that required illumination those areas need so much.

AFX Dayton Pendant

DAYTON – This line of pendants known as the Dayton collection are truly sophisticated designs in lighting. They are finished in a chic satin nickel that shines against the clean white linen drum shades; a very contemporary shade design. Although the pendants feature contemporary silhouettes, they can be more of a transitional style that will be a great addition to any foyer kitchen or great room. The pendants are available in 24” and 30” diameters.

AFX Hilcrest Spotlight

HILCREST – The Hilcrest collection is unique because it features both pendants and spotlights, very creatively designed in both lighting types. The spotlights, or low voltage rail system, features spot heads that are fully adjustable and come in very unique colored glass options (they are available with or without the colored accents). They are designed to rotate 360 degrees and pivot 90 degrees and utilize energy efficient fluorescent 13W bulbs. The great part about Hilcrest is that you can use the spotlights in the same area as you choose to place the sleek and modern low voltage pendants. They feature colorful hand-blown glass accents of amber, green or white set against a satin nickel or bronze finish.

Check out even more AFX Lighting products just added to Littman Bros today. They are all just as stylish and elegant as the Enzo, Dayton and Hilcrest collections.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Hinkley Lighting 4439KZ Parker Buckeye Bronze 12 Light Chandelier

Hinkley Lighting is one of the major manufacturers of high-quality lighting in the industry and carries the latest designs and styles of fixtures for both interior and exterior lighting.

Hinkley has a range of lighting choices, from ultra-modern to very classic and traditional; they continue to have fresh, innovative perspectives for your home that will add a radiance and warm ambience to any space. carries all of the Hinkley Lighting Collections, which promise to impress with an array of original styles and delightful themes:

The Hinkley Hampton Collection is a great choice to add a distinctive and very chic design for your home; the clean, symmetrical lines (that come in either antique nickel or brushed bronze finishes) and appealing shape of the off-white linen hard-back shade harmonize nicely together.

Or, if you would rather go for more transitional style lighting, then the Hinkley Parker Collection is a nice choice; the bold and sophisticated look of the collection with the double arm construction, like this Hinkley Parker 12 Light Chandelier, will stand out in any foyer or dining room.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Hinkley Atlantis Collection

LED Lights are a great replacement for incandescent or fluorescent bulbs as they consume much less energy than other light bulbs. LED stands for ‘Light-Emitting Diode,’ a semiconductor device that converts electricity to light through electrons.

Here is what you should know about LED Lights:

• They last about 5 times longer than compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

• They produce nearly no heat or UV rays, which keep costs like air conditioning low.

• LED Bulbs are a great energy saving answer to your home, using up to 80% less energy than compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

• LED Lights are very low maintenance and extremely durable.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, LED Lighting is not only environmentally sound but is a great investment – one LED Light that burns for about 8 hrs is expected to last up to 17 years before it needs changing.

More and more we are seeing lighting brands come out with indoor and Outdoor LED Lights. Hinkley Lighting is a big name in the LED Lighting industry and has made their Piza, Nexus, Atlantis and Harbor collections all LED Landscape Lighting. These LED Landscape Path Lights shown from the Hinkley Atlantis Collection is a very modern and chic style of LED Outdoor Lighting that will be extremely beneficial for you in the long run.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Chandeliers outfit your home with the necessary light, known as general lighting or ambient lighting, which provides an area with overall illumination. General lighting is essential to any lighting plan and can be accomplished with a top-notch Chandelier.

Shopping for a new Chandelier doesn’t have to be a daunting task; with a few guidelines and helpful tips, you’ll have a wonderful addition to your foyer, kitchen, dining room or great room in no time:

• Be aware of your home’s overall style and choose the appropriate design that suits your needs. There are a lot of Transitional Style Chandeliers out there that effortlessly blend with either contemporary or traditional style decors.

• Determining the right size of your Chandelier depends on the size of the room you want to light so make sure you have evaluated the space in which you plan to hang it – for a dining room, measure the table you plan to hang the Chandelier over (it should be about 12” narrower than the table); any other room, you should measure the size of the room, ceiling height and furniture so the proportions harmonize. The Chandelier should hang at least 6 ½’ to 7’ above the floor.

• How much light does your space need? Determining this will help you choose how many lights you want on your chandelier. Depending on the size of the room and how much ambient light is needed is how you will establish the number of bulbs you want.

• Adding a dimmer control is a great idea, it will also help with your bulb choice, as it allows you to modify the light depending on how much is needed at the time and what mood you want to achieve.

Chandeliers can add a radiant shine and flair to your foyer, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or even bathroom (depending on the size); it is usually the focal point of your space, the first thing people see when entering the room so you should take your time deciding on what style and size is fitting for you and your home.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Tiffany Style Lighting is a wonderful way to add unique lighting to your space:

Most Tiffany Lighting is classified by its bright and colorful glass in the form of a mosaic with complex patterns and a beautiful, luminous and very vibrant glow. The design of each Tiffany Style fixture is distinctive and seemingly very time consuming; each portion of glass is wrapped in copper (repeated for every piece of glass), placed inside a dome-shaped mold and then bonded together.

Today, Tiffany Lighting has expanded its color and textile palette, creating a much more modern and contemporary feel. Look for very colorful portions of glass in a geometric or natural pattern with dark bronze finishes like this Kichler Lighting Elegant’e Bronze Pendant. Although, the modern Tiffany Style fixtures tend to have a polished nickel or satin nickel finish. has an array of affordable Tiffany Style Lighting on sale now!

Friday, January 6th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Mission Style Lighting can be interpreted in various ways but either way you look at this specific style, one thing is true, it meshes well with both traditional and contemporary environments.

The bold, clean lines against the very natural colors add a beautiful touch to any space; Mission Lighting features even, angular lines in warm finishes like bronze or brown and the typical glass seen with these fixtures is amber-tinted or art glass. This style can combine with an array of different surroundings and adds a very timeless and tasteful look to your home.

This Hubbardton Forge Flush Mount is a nice example of Mission Style Lighting. Take a look at even more Mission Lighting right HERE at!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

by Littman Bros Lighting

Foyer Lighting

Foyer Lighting: A First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. A foyer functions as a welcoming platform, the primary entrance to any home. Foyer lighting can serve a dual purpose of not only lighting the main entrance, but also conveying an important initial sense of style.

You can set the mood with the perfect foyer chandelier or foyer pendant light. Flush Mounts and semi-flush mounts also work perfectly in foyers with lower ceilings. Whether you are coming home from a hard day at the office or welcoming guests to celebrate a happy occasion, you want to create a welcoming atmosphere when you walk in the door.

Choose a foyer fixtures based on your distinct style. The options are endless. Shop by lighting collections and help navigate your way to the perfect foyer light. Visit our Designer Collections Boutique.

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

by Littman Bros Lighting

Lighting in your home should harmonize with your way of life and it is important that you establish a lighting strategy that tailors to your needs – think about the day-to-day things that take place in the rooms of your house and the mood you want to bring into the space. Often the rooms in our house need more than one kind of lighting, which brings us to the fundamentals of lighting you should become familiar with – the three basic types of lighting: general, task and accent lighting.

General Lighting

General Lighting

General lighting, also known as ambient lighting, brightens a space with overall illumination. It provides a pleasant degree of brightness without glare and enables a sound environment for you to get around in. Having a primary fixture of general light in each room is essential to a quality lighting system. This type of lighting can be achieved by using Ceiling Lights or Wall Lights, Chandeliers, recessed or track lights and Outdoor Lighting on the outside of your home.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting

Task lighting is for exactly that, particular tasks needed done around the house – reading, writing, cooking, paying bills, playing games, etc. With task lighting you would need Pendant Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, portable Floor Lamps and Desk Lamps and recessed and track lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds some appeal to a room by luring the eye to various personal effects in your house – paintings, photographs, plants or sculptures as well as textured walls, outdoor landscaping or window treatments. Accent lighting is normally provided by track and recessed lighting or Wall Lighting and needs no less than three times as much light on the object as the ambient lighting surrounding it.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

by Littman Bros Lighting

Kichler Granby 5-Light Chandelier

If you’re that person who has a fusion of styles in your home then it’s often difficult to know what kind of Chandelier to add to your space. In a situation like this, a simple kind of lighting to focus your attention on would be the Transitional Lighting Style. It’s a very versatile type of lighting and one of the most common varieties – it blends a timeless, classic shape with conservative detailing.

This image of the Kichler Granby 5-Light Chandelier is a good model for what a transitional light fixture might look like – it is a very appealing look for a great room, foyer or large master bedroom. The lighting in your home is important and matching a large fixture like a chandelier to the design of the house is crucial. Transitional lighting unites traditional and contemporary and the end result is a warmer, more inviting space.