Monday, January 30th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Landscape lighting features an array of different types of lighting, here are some techniques for you to consider when creating your outdoor lighting layout:

Hinkley Nexus Collection

Uplighting: Illuminating an object, area or surface from below. Using a spotlight aimed at a tree in the background while the front of your home stays fairly dark creates a focal point on the landscape.

Downlighting: Lighting an object from above, mounted high in a tree shining a light on the ground, creating what is known as “moonlighting.”

Grazing: Highlights textured surfaces around your home, setting a spotlight within about one foot of the surface.

Path Lighting: Lights spread around the walkway in order to create a safe path to your front or backdoor, they accent flowers or shrubbery as well.

Wall Washing: Sets up lighting to accent a wall in order to brighten the space. This image shows a great example of wall washing and a nice use of path lights – these landscape lights are from the Hinkley Nexus Collection.

Deck/Step Lighting: Provides safety and accent lighting for your outdoor area; perfect for that deck or patio stairwell at night.

Silhouetting: Shines a unique backlight on a specific object – create a subtle silhouette of a tree by placing a spotlight between your home and the tree.