Thursday, November 15th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Maxim Rondo Chandelier

This November, Maxim Lighting is featuring a very elegant and contemporary Spot-Light of the Month from the well-designed Rondo collection.

Maxim Rondo Pendant

Although ultra-modern, Rondo fixtures also highlight a subtle art deco style; the clear glass spheres that stack the center columns of the pendants and chandeliers along with the crisp and clean white fabric shades adds that retro vibe reminiscent of that admired decade.

This striking collection features an assorted selection of fixtures, from chandeliers with flowing polished nickel curves, island lights, pendants and mini pendants to vanity lights, wall sconces and flush mounts; you could arrange to add almost every fixture that Rondo is comprised of to your space and create a truly contemporary flair and intriguing presence.

According to, the finish of the Rondo collection has the utmost reflective quality and is “like futuristic art deco; this bold fixture uses scale and form in a unique mix that stands out in the room.”

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

by Littman Bros Lighting

Art Deco Style Lighting is a wonderful design to add to your space. Here are a few pointers when looking for the perfect Art Deco Lighting:

Art Deco Style was developed in the 1920s and had a strong renewal in the 1960s incorporating Andy Warhol’s “Pop Art” style. Art Deco Lighting features very bold colors, sharp geometric shapes and jumbled forms; typically shiny materials are used with zig-zag or curvilinear lines and unique patterns. This style of lighting has bold and abstract designs, yet often has a simple outline that creates a modern and timeless appearance, which creates a very versatile style for your space.

These two pendants are a good interpretation of Art Deco Style Lighting; the red is the Kylin Chrome Pendant from Eurofase Lighting and the other is the Seattle Polished Chrome Pendant by Artcraft Lighting.