Monday, December 30th, 2013

by Littman Bros Lighting

Do you have light fixtures or recessed lighting that are off-center from your furniture or cabinet layout? The correct but tedious way to center fixtures is to re-route your electrical through new electrical boxes or cans and remove the old one and then follow-up with a drywall repair and re-paint.

How do you correct the locations without having major electrical and drywall repair? If the electrical is not re-routed the old boxes or cans must remain accessible; you cannot drywall over these eyesores. If you want to slide a chandelier over a bit, you can hide the old box with a ceiling medallion around the base of the light. Make sure to match the medallion style with your chandelier, otherwise it will detract from your fixture and leave people wondering why you used that medallion. A contemporary fixture needs a very simple and white medallion that blends into the ceiling while a crystal and rod-iron piece calls for an intricate and hand painted medallion.

What if you are moving a can or a flush mount? Speaker covers can be used to make them disappear – they are the same color as the ceiling and will be looked over by guests or they will just think you have a speaker system.