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Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Create Your Oasis With Outdoor Lighting

Littman Bros Lighting |  2014-08-01

Path lighting can be economical and easy, and creates a safer space for guests simply by adding lights around steps, walkways, and doors.  It is an essential layer in a well planned lighting layout.  Other elements to consider for outdoor lighting are key features like an automated control system that turns on lights with a timer, that allows the…

Landscape Lighting

BBQs, Beer, & Outdoor Lighting

Littman Bros Lighting |  2014-07-03

It’s summer and time to take the party outside.  Preparing your patio, deck, or outdoor room for guests requires essential outdoor lighting and comfortable furniture to create a carefree exterior living space.  The key to creating an enjoyable outdoor space is to establish a warm, inviting and safe environment with the key outdoor lighting.  The proper…

Landscape Lighting

Relaxing Outdoor Lighting

Littman Bros Lighting |  2014-05-27

Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your property and makes your home safer and more secure. It is an investment that pays off in the value it adds to your home. A well-lit front entrance enables you to greet guests and identify visitors.   Outdoor wall lanterns on each side of the door will give…

Energy Efficient Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Checklist

Littman Bros Lighting |  2013-12-31

Using different light sources to layer your exterior lighting is a key component when lighting your outdoor space. Layering your outdoor lighting design, from outdoor wall sconces to path lights and spotlights add depth and interest to your home without appearing like a landing strip. No single light source can perform all the lighting functions…

Ceiling Fans

Staying Cool Is A Breeze with Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Littman Bros Lighting |  2013-12-26

It is absolutely possible to keep your outdoor areas cool and comfortable even under the hot summer sun with outdoor ceiling fans – your outdoor patio, porch or gazebo can be cooled with a ceiling fan much like your indoor rooms. But you must first be sure to find out that the UL listing on…

Energy Efficient Lighting

Stylish Outdoor Spaces with the Proper Outdoor Lighting

Littman Bros Lighting |  2013-12-12

Summer is fast approaching and as you prep your outside space for the warmer months ahead you should definitely take a look at your lighting – does it highlight your landscaping? Create a safe environment to walk in? Offer enough light for grilling and entertaining? Outdoor lighting is much softer than its indoor counterparts and…

Energy Efficient Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Littman Bros Lighting |  2013-12-06

Outdoor lighting is about safety, navigation, and definition of space and when implemented correctly your exterior lighting will define your entrances and offer a smooth transition from your interior space. It should be noted that entrances should be well lit with wall or hanging lanterns – this will give you ample light for you and…

Ceiling Fans

A Quick Guide to Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Littman Bros Lighting |  2013-03-06

Outdoor ceiling fans are not only a very practical addition to the home but they also provide a stylish supplement for both your indoor and outdoor areas. There are three types of ratings for ceiling fans: indoor, damp and wet rated.  When it comes to finding a ceiling fan for an area of your outdoor…

Energy Efficient Lighting

What are the Benefits of Dark Sky Lights?

Littman Bros Lighting |  2012-08-02

Dark Sky regulated fixtures are essentially alternatives to the standard lighting systems in order to preserve the night sky; numerous parts of the country have created a legislation to put a stop to light pollution.  The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) was created about 20 years ago as a nonprofit organization devoted to preserve the night….

Lighting Brands

Maxim Recognizes Santa Barbara Collection

Littman Bros Lighting |  2012-07-25

Maxim’s “Spot-Light of the Month” is shining a light on the quality, outdoor mission style that is the Santa Barbara Collection. Maxim’s Santa Barbara Collection features outdoor wall sconces, flush mounts, post lights and hanging lanterns to display a shining brilliance outside your home. This month’s highlighted collection is made with an ultra-durable material called…