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What’s trending in 2016? – Pendant lighting is here to stay!

Danielle Littman |  2015-11-18

Pendants, pendants and more pendants! If you’re planning an update or remodel your home this fall and wondered what might happen to this lengthy style of lighting, never fear because it’s not going anywhere. Pendants are here to stay and are more stylish than ever. So no matter what decorating genre you lean towards, from…

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Light Work

Danielle Littman |  2015-08-11

Lighting is an important feature when designing a room.  Lighting is far more than simply illuminating décor, the styles and types of light affect the way we work and feel in that room.  Certain lights can be straining, both on the eyes and the mind.  Light can be both too much and too little, and…

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Bringing Natural Light Into your Home

Danielle Littman |  2015-08-04

Our home may be our cave, but it certainly doesn’t have to feel dark and dreary.  Lighting definitely affects our moods and for many of us, the darker the room the lazier we feel.  Many individuals suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, meaning they suffer from a lack of natural light.  SAD can lead…