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Crystal Lighting


Pick of the Week: LBL Mademoiselle Collection

interiorlightingstyle |  2013-08-01

This season there are collections of modern pieces adorned with delicately detailed strands of chain – chains are the new crystal. These elegantly draped chains are placed where you would otherwise expect to have crystal ornamentation. Although seemingly a strange design technique, the use of chains in lieu of crystals is a very modern twist to…

Art Deco Lighting

New Summer Styles from the Dallas Lighting Market

interiorlightingstyle |  2013-06-28

The Dallas International Lighting Market is where all the new products and styles make their debut at the world’s most widespread wholesale marketplace, the Dallas Market Center.  The 2013 summer market just recently came to a close – here are some of hottest new trends in lighting we noticed take hold this summer at the…

Crystal Lighting

Schonbek Swarovski Crystal Guide

interiorlightingstyle |  2013-02-09

Schonbek Worldwide Lighting, now known to be Swarovski Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers of fine crystal lighting, setting the model for crystal production and design.  Each fixture within Swarovski’s collections features some facet of crystal brilliance within the design.  Here is a short guide to Schonbek Swarovski crystals: Swarovski Elements – According to…

Art Deco Lighting

Illuminating Your Home with Style

interiorlightingstyle |  2012-08-01

Everyone has a different type of style and décor they choose to have in their home and that décor tends to reflect the owner’s sense of personal style and panache; the interior décor of a home says a lot about the person who lives there.  That is why it s important that the lighting in…