Lighting Guide: Add Value and Safety With Outdoor Lighting

Monday, June 27th, 2011

by Littman Bros Lighting

Recently my sister, who is a successful licensed realtor, was telling me that a simple way to add significant value to your home is with the addition of stylish Outdoor Lighting. She explained that while exterior lights emphasize the beautiful character of a home, they also enhance a home’s safety. These are two features that directly influence the value of real estate.

Littman Bros. Lighting is ready to help you add value to your precious investment. The world of Outdoor Lighting has been quickly growing in recent years. Without some direction, selecting the right Exterior Lighting Fixtures can certainly be overwhelming. The arrival of summer makes selecting the right lights even more important. Littman Bros Lighting is ready to help you select Outdoor Lights that will truly make your home illuminate with beauty on these warm summer evenings.

Outdoor Lights generally begin at the entrance. Outdoor Wall Lighting provide amazing illumination for the front, side, and back entrances to your home. carries a wide variety of sizes, style, and finishes to guarantee your exterior lights accentuate your home while remaining unique in your neighborhood. Additionally, Outdoor Hanging Lighting and Outdoor Ceiling Lights cast a beautiful downward light for added illumination.

Placement is essential for outdoor lighting. Wall Lights should stand at two-thirds the height of your door while Hanging Lights and Ceiling Lights should never go below the height of your door. As always feel free to contact one of our lighting experts with any questions about placement or style. Protect your family and your investment with the simple addition of Outdoor Lighting from Littman Bros. Lighting. Have a great Holiday Season.