Light Your Home Responsibly

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

by Littman Bros Lighting


How can help homes use light responsibly?

Light Emitting Diodes, or LED, are chips attached to a heat source. When an electrical current is introduced through the wiring, the device produces light. Without the addition of a heat sink, the component that makes LED incredibly energy efficient, most of the energy would be converted into heat. The heat sink greatly reduces the heat output by converting a majority of the energy into beautiful light.

With this in mind, LED lights have been engineered to benefit every household. And is ready to equip you with the most cost and energy efficient products on the market. Among the most fashionable LED options is LED Accent Lighting. This impressive form of lighting is now completely affordable and available for every home owner. LED Tape is an incredibly functional task light that will also highlight the beauty of its surroundings. Place it under your kitchen cabinets to accentuate your counter space or put it under your home bar to create a sophisticated mood for your guests. The possibilities are endless as you can customize the size of the tape with ease. For more information on LED lighting, continue following our blog or call our showroom and speak to an experienced lighting professional.