Bedroom Lighting

Friday, October 9th, 2009

by Littman Bros Lighting

Bedroom LightingWhether you have a small bedroom or master suite, you probably use your room for more than sleeping. While the bed remains the focal point, the room space might be shared with a television, workout equipment, a computer or a sitting area. To illuminate its many sides, bedrooms must have enough light to focus on a particular area as well as fill the corners and edges.

Ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, fan light kits, recessed cans, or wall sconces can provide the general lighting you need to dress and see into drawers and closets.

Swing arm wall lamps or mini pendants on one or both sides of the bed can provide adequate lighting for reading.

To illuminate your closet, use a recessed or surface mounted linear closet light. For a special touch, use decorative accent lamps on dressers and bureaus.

A strong dose of ambiance is also important in the bedroom. You may want to install dimmers on lights for altering effect. Softer or colored light bulbs can also change a room’s mood.