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Bath Lighting

Lighting for your Bathroom

Danielle Littman |  March 14, 2016

The bathroom is probably one of the most frequently used rooms in your home and it’s also the one that needs the best lighting. In general, there are two types of light you need for your bathroom: task and accent. Task lighting is, basically, the light, by which you can best see yourself. Invest in…

Home Decor

Spring trends in home décor

Danielle Littman |  February 15, 2016

With spring just around the corner, we all feel more energized and ready for new beginnings – and what better way to start theyear than with a new home décor? Here are some of the most interesting spring trends in home décor:   If you’re thinking about redecorating your bathroom, consider bold, bright colors such…


What’s trending in 2016? – Pendant lighting is here to stay!

Danielle Littman |  November 18, 2015

Pendants, pendants and more pendants! If you’re planning an update or remodel your home this fall and wondered what might happen to this lengthy style of lighting, never fear because it’s not going anywhere. Pendants are here to stay and are more stylish than ever. So no matter what decorating genre you lean towards, from…

Home Decor

Bright Ideas for Teens – Lighting up their bedroom!

Danielle Littman |  October 12, 2015

Teens love to hibernate in their rooms. They could spend hours there hidden away, hanging out with friends, surfing online, doing homework or going for a sleeping world record. So this space needs to have function in form and design, and also show off your child’s personality and style. It can be hard to let…

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A Bulb Isn’t Just A Bulb – Know the types!

Danielle Littman |  September 20, 2015

A light bulb is just a light bulb, right? You buy it, screw it in, and it works. Yet bulbs are designed differently for different uses. The brightest light possible in a surgical room isn’t necessarily what you might like shining in your eyes when you wake in your master bedroom. Each type is created…

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Basement Blahs – 4 tips for lighting up the lower level!

Danielle Littman |  September 14, 2015

Man cave. Gym. Home theater. Kid’s space. Stuff storage. No matter what purpose your basement serves, homeowners love the extra living space it provides. We’re not all lucky enough to have a daylight basement, or walkout basement, that takes advantage of natural lighting. Sun streaming in during the day provides light rather than turning to…

Kitchen Lighting

Bright Ideas in Island Lighting

Danielle Littman |  August 28, 2015

Kitchen Islands are the gathering place. Your guests meander around it while you put the finishing touches on dinner. Teens invade it to dine quickly before dashing back out the door. Little ones utilize it as their place to create masterpieces. And somewhere in there, it assists with food prep as well. When it comes…

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Light Work

Danielle Littman |  August 11, 2015

Lighting is an important feature when designing a room.  Lighting is far more than simply illuminating décor, the styles and types of light affect the way we work and feel in that room.  Certain lights can be straining, both on the eyes and the mind.  Light can be both too much and too little, and…

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Bringing Natural Light Into your Home

Danielle Littman |  August 4, 2015

Our home may be our cave, but it certainly doesn’t have to feel dark and dreary.  Lighting definitely affects our moods and for many of us, the darker the room the lazier we feel.  Many individuals suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, meaning they suffer from a lack of natural light.  SAD can lead…

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Storage, Storage and More Storage

Danielle Littman |  July 28, 2015

Storage is non-negotiable.  From books, to movies, to documents we all need storage in our homes.  Storage becomes especially important as our family grows.  Throughout our lives we live in an array of spaces, from our houses to dorm rooms and apartments.  While our clutter will change and evolve throughout our lives, the fact that…

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Exploring the Caves, Designing a (Wo)Man Cave

Danielle Littman |  July 21, 2015

Most of us have heard of “The Man Cave.”  If you haven’t, it’s an adult version of a “No Girls Allowed” Tree house.  Men have been designing their sweet escapes for years, draping walls in animal pelts, sports memorabilia, gigantic televisions and beer décor.  Who says men are the only ones allowed to have club…

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Vamos A España! Spainish Interior Design

Danielle Littman |  July 14, 2015

From the Mediterranean shores to the Pyrenees, Spain is a gorgeous country.  Throughout history, Spain has been concurred by multiple empires, causing the style and architecture to range incredibly.  The countryside of Spain features sturdy Ancient Roman aqueducts, luxurious Arabic mosques, colossal Gothic churches and so much more.  Artists, such as Dali, El Greco, Gaudi…